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The Unobstructed Chair Frame Provides for Weaving Bliss

Seat Weaving While RVing

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The Unobstructed Chair Frame Provides for Weaving Bliss

I want to share a bit about the flexibility the unobstructed chair frame presents to you and Caning Canada.

An unobstructed chair frame presents a blank pallet to showcase your personal preferences and accent your chosen decor. 

I won't judge your choices because it's not in my nature. Let's embrace your creativity, and if you would like our opinion, we would be happy to share them with you as we come to a material and weaving style for your chair.

Suppose the chair you want to restore or modernize has a woven seat. In that case, it is likely unobstructed, or any obstructions are minimal, and the weaving attachment can be adjusted to accommodate the interference. 

Caning Canada offers Danish cord, Fibre rush, Seagrass, Binding cane or rattan, Shaker tape and flat reed to restore or modernize your chairs. 

Once the old material has been removed, you can see that these chairs present a clean pallet for your creative juices to flow. 

Sometimes the side rails of the chair sit higher than the front and back rails. That's okay; however, we need to discuss a material and weaving style choice since both choices impact how a material sits on the chair frame. 

If you flip your upholstered chair upside-down, we can often determine what types of interference are present.

Corner supports present challenges for a weaver; however, more often than not, we can find a workaround.

If the corners of the chair frame sit underneath the cushion and aren't exposed, understand that we, as weavers, can't change this.

 You need to find a way to cover the corners or include them as part of your finished weaving design.  

Slats in the backrest attached to the back of the seat interfere with weaving; it's all about managing your expectations of the finished seat. 

Frame interferences need to be incorporated into the weave. 

How does the colour of the chair frame, weaving material and style change the look of a woven chair?

Sometimes the transformations are beyond belief. How can you take a piece that looks ready to be put to bed in a landfill and turn it into a masterpiece? 

With your imagination and a little love from a specialty weaver, that's how. 

As you can see below, there is a material choice and weaving style to suit any decor. 

The Canadian-made Paysanne chair is a traditional Quebec-style chair known as the “cloverleaf” chair. 

These chairs are incredibly sturdy while being elegant, making a statement at the table, screaming out for a kitchen party, or in our case, a get-together around the firepit.

Our Cloverleaf chairs have come out unblemished after the roll test at more than one campfire. 

Now that's Canadian-made sturdy.

Caning Canada usually sees these wonderful chairs when the rawhide becomes cracked and torn. 

Rawhide is very strong; however, it does present sharp edges once broken. 

To be clear, Caning Canada does not do any leatherwork.

We are seat weaving while RVing and space are real things for us.

Personal preference is just that it's personal. I would be happy to share my preferences with you understanding that they are mine and do not necessarily align with yours. 

You're safe with us to explore the materials and weaving styles offered by Caning Canada.

I love the look of the no-nail Danish cord weave on these chairs. 

What do you think?

Updating or refreshing the seat of your chairs is a beautiful way to modernize your décor while being environmentally responsible.

Whether your chair currently has a cushion on top of the chair frame or upholstery fastened directly to the frame of the chair we can work together to find a weaving solution. 

Even tables can be beautified when unobstructed with a freshly woven cane shelf.

Let Caning Canada be your muse. 

Teak Table with Cane Shelf

Cane Shelf