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How to Ship Woven Chair Seats and Backs to Caning Canada

Seat Weaving While Rving

Coming to a Town Near You 

How do you ship woven chair seats and backs, caned table shelves, folding chairs, and canoe seats by Canada Post for weaving repair?​

 We love getting woven pieces mailed for weaving repair as it:

1. Provides access to a service that can't be found locally

2. Extends the use and life of your family heirlooms and newly discovered treasures.

3. Keeps chairs, couches, and tables out of our landfills

4. Restoring or renewing an existing piece is a way of updating thrifty finds and hand-me-downs for another generation's use.

Woven Furniture Shipping Overview

Multi-depth boxes are available in a variety of sizes and the height can easily be adjusted to suit the woven piece(s) you need to mail to Caning Canada for repair. 

Use bubble wrap to protect all sides of the frame and in between multiple pieces. Please do not tape the bubble wrap as I will reuse all packing material when I return your pieces once we have completed the weaving.

Contact Caning Canada to let me know you're shipping your woven furniture for repair and I will provide you with my Canada Post Flex Delivery details. Canada Post will send me an e-mail once they receive your package. I'll return your freshly woven pieces collect which will include the return postage, the cost of weaving, and a $7 dollar fee that Canada Post charges for the collection service. 

Caning Canada winters in Fort Langley, BC from mid-October to mid-April. This is the best location to send pieces by Canada Post as it will allow for any mailing delays as well as payment to be sent to Caning Canada from Canada Post.

Easy peasy, lemon squeezy.

How do I Remove Old Woven Material From my Chairs?

If you are going to clean out the chair material prior to shipping the seats or backs to Caning Canada for weaving please note the following to ensure a proper fit the the newly woven piece back in the frame of the chair.

1. Please mark on the chair frame where the back of the seat is.

2. Please mark the bottom of the chair

3. Please check with me to ensure I have the photos I need to replace the woven seat in your chairs. 

How to Remove Most Seats and Backs from the Frame

Most dining room chair seats or backs like the Knoll Marcel Breuer Cesca caned chairs pictured on the right are fastened with four screws. 

Once removed the chairs seats and backs can be sent by Canada Post for weaving and returned to you collect. 

It's best to mail pieces to us when we are in the Vancouver area from Mid-October to Mid-April.

Contact me for more details on shipping your seats and backs for weaving repair. 

The Minerva Corner Table by Peter Hvidt & Orla Mølgaard-Nielsen for France & Søn uses a pre-woven cane material with a close weave pattern for the lower shelf. When you turn the table upside down you will see the fasteners used to attach the shelf to the table. The shelf would need to be removed to install the cane shelf whether we are meeting up for the restoration or the shelf is being mailed for repair.

Tables, tables, and more tables with cane shelves that can all be removed from the underside and mailed for weaving repair. 

If the woven surfaces can't be removed from folding chairs...

Well, they can be folded and mailed for weaving. 

The teak Daybed Model 451 by Peter Hvidt & Orla Mølgaard-Nielsen for France & Søn uses a pre-woven cane material with a close weave pattern for the armrests and backrest. The size or gauge used originally is no longer available. The gauge of cane I used can be seen in the photo and is slightly larger. I can fit your daybed through the RV garage door but we won't. The pieces can easily be removed not only for mailing but for my restoration sanity.

The backrest of the rocking chair designed by Hans Olsen for Juul Kristensen is woven using a no-nail technique with binding cane.

The backrest can be removed by loosening the screws on the frame and slipping it out. 

The seat and swivelling backrest on Armchair model FD186 designed by Arne Vodder and manufactured by France & Son is easily removed by exposed fasteners.

I remove them to replace the close weave cane as it provides me with firm unobstructed access. 

Our Location Until April 2022

Fort Langley, British Columbia with Meet-Ups in Vancouver

Our Travel Plans 2022

Calgary, Alberta - mid-April to mid-May

Regina stop

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Ottawa, Ontario - June

Toronto, Ontario - July

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Winnipeg stop

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Penticton, BC late September to mid-October

Vancouver area mid-October to mid-April

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