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Restored Pia Teak Dining Chair 

with Laced Danish Cord - $595 CDN

Seat Weaving While RVing

Coming to a Town Near You

Attention all design enthusiasts and mid-century modern furniture lovers!

Caning Canada proudly offers the iconic and highly sought-after Poul Cadovius PIA Dining Chairs, designed for Royal Persiennen in 1958.

We have one chair that has been expertly restored to its original glory, featuring a sleek and timeless design that is functional and beautiful.

Crafted with a sturdy solid teak frame and freshly woven Danish cord seats, these chairs are comfortable, durable, and built to last.

The PIA dining chairs offer a perfect blend of classic style and modern functionality, making them the ideal addition to any home or office.

Whether you want to complete your mid-century modern dining room or add a touch of sophistication to your home decor, these restored Poul Cadovius PIA Dining Chairs will impress.

Don't miss this opportunity to own a piece of mid-century modern history!

Shop today and experience the beauty and quality of restored Poul Cadovius PIA Dining Chairs.

Take your home decor to the next level!


Height: 29.14 in (74 cm)

Width: 18.51 in (47 cm)

Depth: 19.3 in (49 cm)

Seat Height: 18.12 in (46 cm)

Poul Cadovius was born in Frederiksberg in 1911. Originally trained as a saddler and upholster, Cadovius became interested in industrial design and established his furniture manufacturing company Royal Systems, in 1945.

Cadovius purchased France & Son in the 1960s, credited with the industrialization of teak furniture production.

Cadovius renamed the company CADO.