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Other Danish Designers with Woven Chairs

Arne Vodder 1926 - 2009

Arne Vodder was born in Denmark in 1926 and trained as a cabinetmaker and architect. 

Arne Vodder studied at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen under Finn Juhl. Arne Vodder graduated in 1947. 

Vodder was a wonderful furniture designer drawing attention for his creations, including soft lines and functional design. 

When Vodder entered into the Mid-century design movement, it was already established. Vodder used teak and rosewood. 


Armchair model FD186 was designed by Arne Vodder and manufactured by France & Son, Denmark, in 1956.

H W Klein for Bramin 1919 -

Henry Walter Klein was born in Norway in 1919.

Klein studied at the Technical School of Denmark, where Finn Juhl taught. In 1959, he finished his design studies and founded his workshop. 

In 1960 he designed for furniture manufacturer Bramin.

I have seen these chairs woven in a cord that is no longer manufactured, one-sided and wrapped under the bottom without Danish nails. We replaced the corded chairs with a Danish paper cord.

Ib Kofod-Larsen 1921 - 2003

Ib Kofod-Larsen was one of the best-selling Danish designers in the U.S. in the 1950s when mid-century modernism was extremely popular.

Kofod designed for Faarup Møbelfabrik, Christensen & Larsen, and Bovenkamp. 

Erik Kollig Andersen and Palle Pedersen

Erik Kollig Andersen and Palle Pedersen were produced by Horsnaes Møbler in the 1950s-1960s.

Poul Cadiovius 1911 - 2011

Pia Chair

Pia Chair

Available in Shop

Pia chair designed by Poul Cadiovius

Pia Chair

Available in Shop

Poul Cadiovius PIA Dining Chair   for Royal Persiennen, 1958

Pia Chair

Available in Shop

Poul Cadovius was born in Frederiksberg in 1911. Originally trained as a saddler and upholster, Cadovius became interested in industrial design and established his furniture manufacturing company Royal Systems in 1945.

Cadovius purchased France & Son in the 1960s, which was credited with the industrialization of teak furniture production. Cadovius renamed the company CADO. 

Poul Cadiovius PIA Dining Chair 

for Royal Persiennen, 1958

Poul Cadovius designed the Pia Dining Chair for Royal Persiennen in 1958 and launched the chair in 1959.

He wanted to create a chair in the spirit of the time, inspired by other design chairs of the fifties, but lighter and more "petite," both in physical weight and design expression. 

The chair design has a "less is more" concept, focusing on the least possible material consumption, while still maintaining a high level of detail and excellent comfort.

The thin, conical-shaped solid wooden legs give a light visual expression, emphasized by two fine details; the hand-sanded rounding at the top of the back legs and the finger-joined front legs. The woven laced natural Danish cord seat provides further depth and charter, and the backrest is moulded, providing optimal seating comfort.


18.9" W x 19.29" D x 29.53" H | Seat: 17.72" H x 16.54" 

Skovmand & Andersen 

Skovmand & Andersen Danish cord chair.