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Expert Mid-Century Modern MCM Woven Furniture Repair

Caning Canada

Mid-century modern is one of the most popular trends in furniture design. The period between 1933 and 1965 focused on improving daily life through making things simply beautiful. 

Mid-century modern design is all about clean lines, simplicity, and practicality.

Mid-Century Modern MCM Weaving Material, 

Project Samples, and Explanations

Danish Cord Woven Chairs - High-Level Explanation

Danish paper cord is a twisted paper cord that has been used to weave seats since the 1920s. 

Danish modern furniture gained popularity after World War II in Denmark and other European countries.

Mid-century and modern Danish cord chairs are woven with the standard basket weave pattern using Danish hook nails or a no-nail technique. 

The other pattern Danish cord is woven with is the traditional rushing pattern. 

Chair frames are designed to accept a specific style of weaving and gauge or size of cord and are therefore not interchangeable. 

You will find a much more detailed explanation of Danish cord weaving styles, materials, and methods if you follow this link. 

Everything You Need to Know About Danish Cord and enjoy your journey.

Seagrass Woven Chairs


Seagrasses are the only flowering plants able to live in seawater and pollinate while submerged. They often grow in large groups giving the appearance of terrestrial grassland or underwater meadow. 

The seagrass used in chair weaving comes from Asia. The seagrass is twisted to form a rope material that is green when newly woven and will brown as it ages. 

Seagrass can be woven in different patterns as shown above however many chairs are designed to accept a specific gauge or size of material and pattern. 

Some exceptions to this rule are ladderback chairs and stools. 

Fibre Rush Woven Chairs

Fibre rush is a very durable one-ply, twisted paper made to resemble real twisted bull rushes. 

Paper fibre or "fiber reed" was introduced when China had an embargo on rattan reed exportation. 

Paper fibre became the substitute for natural rattan reed. Material is wrapped around the four dowels framing the square of a seat creating four triangles.

Care and maintenance for fibre rush woven chairs are the same as the care and maintenance of Danish cord as both materials are twisted paper material. 


Binding Cane

& Cane Woven Furniture

Rattan or binding cane is a thicker gauge of cane used to wrap the backs and seats of many mid-century pieces creating intriguing patterns with depth and character. 

Binding cane is also used to wrap lamps, pod chairs, and to create magazines shelves for tables. 

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