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Hans Olsen's Woven Chairs

Hans Olsen was born in Denmark in 1919 and passed away in 1992. He began his career as a cabinetmaker and, at the age of thirty, attended the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Art. Olsen focused on the principles of ergonomics and anthropometry (the study of human body measurements).

Olsen's pieces were designed to achieve maximum comfort. 

Olsen designed for Bramin Møbel, C/S Furniture, Frem Røjle, Juul Kristensen, N.A. Jørgensen, and Verner Birksholm.

Model JK532A Swing Rocking Chair

Rocking chair designed by Hans Olsen for Juul Kristensen in Denmark was first designed in 1956 and has now been reintroduced by Warm Nordic.


26" W x 33" D x 38.5" H

I just love doing the cane work on these chairs. The no-nail weaving is so intricate and interesting.