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Expert Danish Cord Woven Furniture Repair

Caning Canada offers experienced weaving on all the iconic Danish paper cord pieces.

Single Rail Danish Cord weaving includes Moller, Morgensen, Arne Hovmand-Olsen, Poul Volther, Poul Cadiovius, H W Klein, and Skovmand and Andersen Chairs.   

Double rail Danish cord weaving, including Wegner's Dining Chair 23.

Weaving Danish cord using the rushing pattern utilized on Wegner's Wishbone Chair 24 and the J16 Rocking Chair

Sometimes folks prefer the Danish cord weaving on Peter Hvidt's and Borge Morgensen's chairs as it sits a bit tighter and is a smoother material than seagrass. 

Danish Cord Hook Nails

Danish Hook Nail or "L" Nails

Danish Hook Nails or "L" Nails

These nails are referred to as Danish hooks or "L" nails.

Danish hook nails are designed specifically for Danish paper cord woven furniture. The Danish hook nails are imported from Denmark. 

If your chair has staples or other fasteners, it's okay. Caning Canada can supply and install the Danish hook nails for a small fee before restoring the Danish cord.

Read on for further details.

Double Rail Danish Cord Chair

The CH 23 dining chair was one of the first chairs Hans J. Wegner designed exclusively for Carl Hansen & Søn in 1950 at age 35.

The CH 23 chair incorporates many sophisticated details; the most notable for a seat weaver is the double-rail woven seat.

Double Danish cord has an extra step in the weaving process where the weaving wraps around two rungs, and all the Danish cord material is pulled through the vertical wraps.

It's hard to pick a favourite Danish cord chair to repair however CH 23 is top ten.

Talk about providing a Danish cord chair with a new life.

Just look at those beautiful chairs. 

Danish Cord Woven in the Rush Pattern

Some chairs are woven in the rush pattern using Danish cord material. 

The rushing pattern Danish cord mimics traditional rushing with the Danish cord material.

Often these chairs have extensive slots that the Danish cord must be fed through, which makes weaving these seats more labour-intensive.

Examples of this style of Danish cord chair include the CH 24 Wishbone or “Y” Chair, designed by Wegner and originally released in 1949, and the Model 316 Chair by Peter Hvidt & Orla Mølgaard Nielsen for Søborg Møbelfabrik 1958.

Danish cord chair repair is very time-consuming. The variations of Danish weaves are specific to the chair style and dimensions. Another consideration is that the rushing pattern uses approximately twice as much material as a basket weave pattern.

A properly restored piece is stunning.

No-Nail Danish Cord Chairs

Some mid-century modern designs do not use Danish hook nails to attach the Danish cord to the chair.

Examples are the Yugoslavian folding rope chair, the Hans Wegner CH 25 Lounge Chair or Easy Chair, and the Skovmand & Andersen Danish cord chair.

There are different weaving techniques and patterns used for no-nail Danish cord weaving. Most chairs are designed to accept a specific pattern. 

Danish cord and seagrass as the material can be interchanged; however, the material sits differently and have a different feel. If your tastes are intrigued by exploring different materials and patterns, let's chat about it. 

The Use of the No-Nail Danish Cord Technique on Unobstructed Chair Frames

My preference for material and weaving style on the unobstructed chair or stool frame is the no-nail Danish cord pattern.

I love how the texture of the laced Danish cord intertwines in the weaving pattern. Simply beautiful and intriguing in my eyes. Now personal preferences are just that. They're personal. This will be my first suggestion. I love how the finished piece looks. Elegant and modern.

It amazes me how changing a chair's material or pattern modernizes it and shows a person's design taste.

How can I Renew my Tattered, Torn, Worn Out Pleather, Strapped, or Upholstered Danish Chairs?

Moller Chair 71 - Pleather Chair Revived to Black Danish Cord

Pleather Chair Revived to Black Danish Cord

If you want to breathe new life into your fabric, strapped, corded, or pleather upholstered Danish chairs with Danish cord, look no further, as Caning Canada provides this service.

The new life service includes:

1. Removal of the upholstery or pleather and all the fasteners.

2. Supply and pre-drill of staggered and correctly spaced Danish hook nails.

3. Supply and expert the weaving of the Danish cord.

What Other Fasteners are used to Attach Danish Cord to Chair Frames?

Danish Cord Fastened with Tack Nails

Danish Cord Fastened with Tack Nails

Tacked Danish Cord Chair Renewed

Tacked Chair Renewed