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Caning Canada Woven Furniture Repair Reviews

Caning Canada is providing our weaving services as we explore Canada in our RV as nomads have allowed me to learn more about social media and marketing in an ever-changing environment. 

In a thousand years, I wouldn't have guessed I would develop a website or create a presence on Instagram and Facebook. Well, here we are, living our dream and loving it. 

Not without challenges; that's life. Isn't it?

One of our biggest challenges is letting the great folks in Canada know that we are here and always do our very best to restore their woven treasures.

We appreciate you letting us know how we did and sharing our existence with the good people you know.


When you refer to us as weaving superstars, dream weavers, or seat-weaving rockstars, we can't help but smile.

Who would have thought?

Thank you.

Caning Canada Reviews

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"A glowing testimonial! Highly recommended!"

It tickles us pink when we receive glowing reviews from the good folks we have restored weaving for. 

Check out what people are saying about Caning Canada, and let us know what you think because we care what you think. 

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Caning Canada client review of cane weaving services
JH 539 Stool in Teak and Cane, Johannes Hansen,1950s

JH 539 Stool

Hans Wegner



Danish Cord

Mid-Century Modern MCM Woven Furniture

Caning Canada client review of weaving services

It's always a pleasure to chat with Justin when we meet for weaving projects. 

Check out what Justin offers in his wonderful shop, Kollektion, in Calgary, Alberta. 

A classic Danish side table by Arne Hovmand-Olsen for Mogens Kold circa the 1960s. This table features a sturdy two-tier design with the bottom magazine shelf supported by handwoven cane or rattan. 

The second cane shelf can easily be removed and mailed to Caning Canada for cane replacement. 


Handwoven Cane Seats

Seat weaving while RVing comes with its very own marketing challenges.

Folks relinquish their woven treasures into our hands at the local parking lot and trust us to meet them again with a beautifully restored piece.

Feeling a little naughty when you do a deal in a parking lot is okay.

It's okay to feel a little reserved.

Check out our social media profiles and the reviews both individuals and vintage shops leave for us. 

Bring some peace to your mind and specialty weavers' love to your treasure. 


Caning Canada client review of Danish cord weaving services
CH 24 Wishbone or "Y" Chair

CH 24 Wishbone or "Y" Chair

CH 24 Wishbone or "Y" Chair

CH 24 Wishbone or "Y" Chair

CH 24 Wishbone or "Y" Chair

CH 24 Wishbone or "Y" Chair

Returning to what we've said before about how we charge for weaving projects. 

David and I love our lifestyle and it's really important to us to have a positive impact on everything we do. 

We want you to be able to restore the woven furniture that is precious to you, so we charge what is what we consider to be the lowest compensation for the time we can accept. 

If we were to start charging based on our unique skill set, then many people wouldn't be able to restore their chairs, and we want you to restore your chairs. 

Caning Canada - saving woven treasures one town at a time.

CH 24 Wishbone or “Y” Chair is the most famous and sold chair designed by Wegner, originally released in 1949.

Our Story

Caning Canada client review of weaving services

Melissa's are well-made Danish chairs that resemble the Moller Chair 71. 

This is an Arne Hovmandd-Olsen Chair 175 designed in 1955. 

The original Danish cord was attached to the underside of the chair frame with staples. Caning Canada provides a service to remove the existing staples and supply and install the Danish hook nails before replacing the Danish cord weave.  

Danish Cord

Caning Canada client review of Danish cord weaving services

One of the first five chairs Hans J. Wegner designed for Carl Hansen & Søn in 1950, the CH 23 dining chair is an early example of Wegner’s unique style and insightful craftsmanship. 

The elegant chair features iconic Wegner details, such as the cruciform caps on the backrest and a special double-woven paper cord seat. The double rail of CH 23 provides an eye-catching weave that can't help but make a statement. 

Hans Wegner

Caning Canada client review of cane weaving services

What a Marketplace find. This chair can't help but get noticed with a pre-woven cane backrest with multiple curves and angles to make a seat weaver's brain go boom-boom. 

The original manufacturer knows how to make the cane webbing dance into place. 

Caning Canada needs to take a deeeeeep breath and let loose to get the dance steps just right. 

This specific chair cannot have the backrest removed so that it can be mailed for caning repair. Most chair seats and back can be removed and sent for caning repair. Check out our chair shipping page for more information. 



Caning Canada client review of cane weaving services

This handwoven cane chair was so unique and pretty.

I love it when I get a first, and I believe this is my very first chair where the frame was made from a paper mache. 

Hand caning has been around since the beginning of time, or just about the beginning of time. 


Caning Canada client review of cane weaving services

David has me all figured out. 

Hand caning takes the absolute longest time to weave, and then you add the intricacies of medallions and the sun and the whole game changes. 

A smile comes to my face as I imagine the hours of meditative bliss I'm about to experience. 

I find such joy knocking around in my head while I hand-weave the cane. 


It amazes me how such beautiful things are created with strands of rattan. 

Caning Canada client review of cane weaving services

Antique porch rockers are typically woven with a flat reed material. 

This beautiful set was woven in the herringbone pattern with the flat reed. 

Lovely folks, lovely chairs. 

Caning Canada client review of cane weaving services

I think this is the largest piece I received by courier so far. 

Crated up and sent to us in Calgary, Alberta, from Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Feel the awe of cane woven in the sunshine pattern with hanging medallions. 

It warms my heart when weaving these pieces.  

Childhood memories and woven family heirlooms cross our paths regularly. 

Grandma's chairs were originally woven in a round reed or wicker. 

I don't do this type of weaving. 

We settled on weaving these excellent sturdy chairs in seagrass. I love how the colourations of the seagrass add interest and depth to the woven surface. 

I wasn't sure how it would work out; however, we were tickled pink with the results.