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Benefits of Restoring Vintage and Antique Woven Furniture

Seat Weaving While RVing

Coming to a Town Near You

Fast furniture chairs

As we are marketed to by TV shows, the internet, and peers to remodel our homes and replace old furniture with fast furniture, we are also adding more to the landfill in record numbers. 

There’s a dark side to the home makeover called furniture waste, also known in the industry as “f-waste.”

Since furniture can’t easily be recycled like other types of waste, it often gets dumped in a landfill.

Furniture is the number one least-recycled item in a household

Even though it may not seem like it, by restoring and refinishing your existing furniture instead of buying new, you are helping to do your part in protecting our environment.

Scientific data shows that restoring and refinishing your furniture can drastically reduce your carbon footprint.

Don't live in a throwaway society. 

“Fast Furniture”

Fast Furniture Chairs

“Fast Furniture” is sold by some of the biggest names in the furnishing industry. These pieces are often made using poor-quality materials and sold at low prices that many consider disposable.

The low quality and value of fast furniture mean it’s usually too expensive or difficult to repair, sell, or not accepted as a donation, and it‘s much more likely to end up on the curb than the more expensive, high-quality furniture of previous generations.

Don't Live in a Throw Away Society

Antique caned chairs handwoven in sunset pattern

The culture of fast furniture encourages folks to update their home decor to follow constantly changing design trends. 

Many people buy new furniture to replace the old, out-of-date pieces they already have, wasting their money and negatively impacting our environment.

Don't live in a throwaway society. 

Newly Discovered Treasures

Taking part in the treasure hunt on Facebook, Kijiji, and Craigslist, or even around your dining table, is a great way to provide a new life to vintage and antique pieces made to last several lifetimes. 

Many of these pieces are considered investments with values that increase with time.

A New Life

Caning Canada woven chair client review

With a bit of elbow grease, fresh oil or a splash of paint, some new cane or fresh weave, you won't even recognize that high quality, a well-built dining set that outlived so many design trends.

It's not garbage, ready to be sent to the local landfill.

Functional Art

Antique pre-woven cane chair

It's functional art.


Yes, just waiting for you.

It can be so beautiful, so unique and intriguing. 

It can be an expression of you. 

Wake Up!

Yugoslavian folding rope chair

It's waiting for you to awaken.

Awaken and release your muse to preserve your heirlooms and quality pieces for another generation.

Whether you are looking to give your older furniture a complete makeover to suit your evolving tastes or want it restored to its original glory to help enhance the vintage value, look, and feel of your home, furniture restoration can be your answer. 

Opt for Restoration

Wegner Danish cord Chair 23

Opting for restoration instead of buying new can leave you with more money in your pockets at the end of the day, and who doesn't love that?

As a bonus, you get to keep all the furniture pieces that have been a part of your home and family over the years.

You are the Solution

Caned back dining chairs

Restore, reuse, and repurpose to be part of the solution, not part of the problem.

Woven Treasures Saved by Caning Canada

Olsen caned back rocking chair
Olsen caned back rocking chair

The JK532A swing rocking chair designed by Hans Olsen for Juul Kristensen in Denmark in 1956 is an excellent example of a piece that can be restored even if Caning Canada isn't coming to your area. 

The backrest is woven with a binding cane and can be removed and mailed to Caning Canada for restoration. 

Cesca & B32 Caned Chairs

The Cesca and B32 chairs are great investment pieces that can be purchased on local buy-sell sites like Marketplace and mailed to Caning Canada for cane replacement. 

When mailing seats, backs, and shelves to Caning for weaving restoration, our Vancouver and Ottawa stops work best.

If you're in the market for some of your very own Cesca chairs and can't find what you're looking for, check out our shop, as we have several available.

We have both sets and individual chairs for sale. 

Shaker Tape

Shaker tape is a beautiful material to update that old or newly found rocking chair.

Shaker tape is a cotton cordage material available in multiple colours. 

Shaker tape is a beautiful way to reuse broken wicker or reed chairs with a relatively unobstructed sturdy frame.

Danish Cord

Similar chair.

Different look.

With a splash of paint,

A new weave.


Your unique expression to suit your tastes.  

Cane Bentwood Rocking Chairs

Bentwood rocking chairs are timeless pieces.

Well built and ready to create comforting memories. 

The seats and backrests can be removed and mailed for either pre-woven or handwoven cane replacement. 

Canadian Cloverleaf Chairs

Cloverleaf Chairs are perfect chairs for farmhouse or cottage decor.

They are well built, able to accept a coat of paint, and with an unobstructed chair frame, so it can take many materials for weaving to complement your home. 

Caning Canada's personal favourite is the no-nail Danish cord.

Caning Canada Saving Woven Treasures One Chair at a Time!

Caning Canada

So many woven pieces can be sent to Caning Canada for weaving restoration. 

We offer Danish cord, seagrass, fibre rush, cane, rattan chair and table weaving.