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Arne Hovmand-Olsen Woven Pieces

Danish furniture designer Arne Hovmand-Olsen was born in Kirkeby Sogn in 1919; passed away in 1989.

Arne began a cabinetry apprenticeship with the cabinetmaker Peder Olsen Sibast at his furniture factory.

Hovmand-Olsen enrolled in a technical school specializing in furniture design in Århus in 1941. After graduating, he established his furniture studio, creating designs in the Scandinavian modern style.

Hovmand-Olsen’s designs were simple in form, with clean lines, organic curves, and tapered legs.

Notable designs include his Model 175 Chair (1955)—which is often mistaken for N.O. Møller’s Model 77 Chair, due to their similar forms

Hovmand-Olsen designed furniture for Alf Juul Rasmussen, A. R. Klingenberg & Søn, Bramin, Elven Geertsen, J.L. Møller, Jutex, Mogens Kold Møbelfabrik, P. Mikklesen, Pedersen & Knap, and Skovmand & Andersen. 

Arne Hovmand Olsen Chair 175 for Mogens Kold

Arne Hovmand Olsen Chair 175 for Mogens Kold

CH 175

Model 175 Chair (1955)

Arne Hovmand Olsen designed Chair 175 for Mogens Kold. I'm not sure if it's true for these lovely vintage chairs; however, this set used flat-headed nails to attach the Danish cord to the chair frame. 

As part of the restoration process, Caning Canada removed the old material and supply and installed the Danish hook nails before weaving the new Danish cord.

 If you want further details of these or other Danish cord repair services, check out our dedicated page for Danish cord repairs

Danish Cord Chair Repairs

Arne Hovmand Olsen MK 310 Danish Dining Chair

for Mogens Kold

MK 310 Danish modern teak dining chair was designed by Arne Hovmand Olsen for Mogens Kold from 1960 to 1969.

MK 310

David is just about a professional staple remover. Now I'm a highly competitive person. In this case, I step aside and let David do his thing. David is my champion in many ways, including being my number one staple remover. Thank you, David.

Once the staples have been removed, David installs the Danish hook nails and other appropriate fasteners before weaving the new Danish cord.

This chair looks very similar to Hans Wegner's W2 Chair, as shown to the right. 

Caning Canada restored the W2 chair with a binding cane. 

The final result of both chairs is beautiful and shows how changing material or pattern changes the look of a chair.


 19.5” W x 19” D x 29.75” H x 17” H

Hans Wegner W2 Chair woven in cane

W2 - Hans Wegner

Danish Cord

Cane / Rattan

Arne Hovmand-Olsen Teak & Paper Cord Stool, Denmark 1950

Arne Hovmand-Olsen Teak & Paper Cord Stool, Denmark 1950.

Danish cord is available in natural or beige, white and black. Changing the colour of this beautiful material on a woven piece is another way to update or personalize your pieces. We have a dedicated page for Danish cord if you want to dive into the details. 

Danish Cord Chair Repairs

Arne Hovmand-Olsen Danish Side Table for Mogens Kold

A classic Danish side table by Arne Hovmand-Olsen for Mogens Kold circa the 1960s. 

This table features a sturdy two-tier design with the bottom magazine shelf supported by handwoven cane or rattan.


The second cane shelf can easily be removed and mailed to Caning Canada for cane replacement.

Cane & Rattan