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Caning Canada Woven Furniture Repair

Seat Weaving While RVing

Saving Woven Treasures One Chair at a Time

Caning Canada has been providing expert woven furniture repair services since 1986

My husband David and I have rented our house, allowing us to travel this beautiful country in our RV while bringing our furniture weaving services to a town near you.

We're back in the Vancouver area until mid-April and will have meetups in Vancouver, Victoria, Nanaimo, Chilliwack, and Abbotsford once we have a truckload of weaving projects.

 If you want to know more about our journey, check out our story and our blog posts. 

Seat Weaving While RVing - Cane, Danish Cord, Fibre Rush, Seagrass, Rattan, and Shaker Tape Woven Chair Repair

Caning Canada

Samples of corded weaving material

Samples of corded weaving material

Caning Canada Overview

Weaving Material and Styles Offered

A chair is only as good as its seat. As artisan seat weavers, we can offer the most intricate weaving methods using multiple materials, including Danish cord, seagrass, fibre rush, cane, rattan, and Shaker tape.

Woven Chairs for Sale

Sometimes we come upon a piece that is available to be restored. Caning Canada loves providing these beautiful pieces a new lease on life and keeping them out of our landfills. You can find the treasures we've rescued and restored in our shop

If you want to donate your piece to keep it out of the landfill or sell your Mid Century Modern or caned furniture, feel free to send us a message.

Let me know which part of this beautiful country your piece lives in so I can add your details to our booking list if we aren't currently in your area.

A couple of photos would be great so we know what type of chairs you have.

If you're selling your chairs, how much do you want?

Caning Canada will restore every piece we add to our online shops for re-homing, so please understand that we cannot offer you what we list our chairs for in the shop. We will easily spend two to three days restoring a piece and then weave it with new material before posting it for sale.

How we Price Weaving Projects

Caning Canada wants to make the restoration of your woven family heirloom or newly discovered treasure obtainable. Our pricing is based on weaving style, the material used, and the attachment process and not the value of the woven piece you need to be repaired.


For a furniture weaving repair estimate, please send a photo of your project to [email protected] or text us at

403-613-5801, showing the entire piece, the top and the bottom.

I will need your location and contact details for our booking list.

Mail Your Piece for Weaving

If you would like to mail your woven chair seats, backs, or shelves to Caning Canada for weaving repair, most chair seats and backs can be removed and posted to our winter site. Check out our shipping page for more details.

What Folks Are Saying About Caning Canada

If you're concerned about meeting us in a parking lot with your family heirloom or you're not sure if we're for real, that's okay. Check out what people say about Caning Canada with photos of the pieces we've restored for them.

Seat Weaving While RVing

Coming to a Town Near You

We are seat weaving while RVing, and we appreciate your understanding that we aren't set up to offer any instruction or weaving material supply.

Weaving Styles and Material Offered by Caning Canada

Hans Wegner Danish Cord CH23 Dining Chair

Danish Cord

Mid-century and modern Danish cord chairs are woven with the standard basket weave pattern or the traditional rushing pattern using Danish paper cord. 

The cords is typically attached with Danish hook nails or woven using a no-nail technique

Danish cord weaving can either be one-sided or double-sided.

The Danish cord is available in beige, black, and white. 

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Examples of furniture woven with binding cane

Binding Cane

Caning Canada has extensive experience repairing binding cane or rattan woven furniture. 

Binding cane or rattan is used one chairs seats and backrests, to wrap furniture legs and arms, and is often used to create magazine shelves on vintage tables. 

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Mid-Century Børge Mogensen Dining Chairs by Søborg Møbelfabrik Armchair 157 woven in seagrass


Twisted seagrass was used to weave vintage chairs prior to Danish cord. 

Peter Hvidt and Borge Mogensen are two mid-century designers whose chairs are generally woven using seagrass.  

Seagrass can be interchanged with Danish cord if you prefer the look and feel of the material. 

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Italian chair woven with fibre rush

Fibre Rush

Fibre rush is a very durable one-ply, twisted paper made to resemble real twisted bull rushes. 

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Examples of pre-woven cane chairs

Pre-Woven Cane

Pre-woven sheet cane is set into a routed out groove on the top side of the chair, held in place with a reed spline, no holes drilled in framework.

Also referred to as Cane webbing, pressed cane, pressed-in cane, machine cane, sheet cane, and spline cane.

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Hand woven cane settee in sunshine pattern with hanging medallions

Hand Woven Cane

Holes are drilled through the chair frame for cane material to be woven through.

Also referred to as Rattan, wicker, strand cane, lace caning, traditional caning, hole to hole caning, and natural strand caning.

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Riempie furniture woven with two gauges of cane


The technique of Riempies (leather thongs) provided this style of chair.

I don't do leatherwork, however, can offer to weave your Riempie chairs with a binding cane which provides for a beautiful woven chair.

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Rocking chair woven with black Shaker tape

Shaker Tape

Cotton strapping is used to wrap straight edge chairs and is available in a multitude of colours. 

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How to Ship Woven Chairs

How to Ship Woven Chairs

Can I ship my woven pieces for Repair?

You bet you can.

Contact Caning Canada to let me know you're shipping your woven furniture for repair and I will provide you with my Canada Post Flex Delivery details.

 Canada Post will send me an e-mail once they receive your package. When I pick up your project I'll enquire about return postage, once your project is complete you can E-transfer the payment and I'll return your freshly woven pieces. 

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