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Offering Danish Cord, Fibre Rush, Seagrass, Rattan, Cane, Shaker Tape, and

Outdoor Corded Woven Furniture Repair 

It's that time of year again. Time to look at your outdoor chairs and canoe seats. 

Want to refresh your dining room chairs? Many of them can be updated with Danish cord, seagrass, or fibre rush. 

Do you have a family heirloom or newly discovered treasure that could use a little refresh?

Are your upholstered, strapped, or vinyl MCM chairs ripped, tattered, and torn? 

Furniture Weaving Styles Offered by Caning Canada

Danish Paper Cord

Danish mid-century modern mcm furniture incorporates minimalist design creating functional furniture with pure, clean lines. Chair frames are specifically designed to accept Danish cord material woven in a certain style. 

Danish paper cord is a twisted paper cord which has been used to weave seats since the 1920s. Danish modern furniture  gained popularity after World War II in Denmark and other European countries. 

The cord is a robust 3-ply paper product estimated to last up to 60 years with regular use and proper care. The cord is slightly waxed to resist dirt and stains. Beige Danish cord is in its natural state, white Danish cord has been bleached, and  black Danish cord has been died. 

Mid-century and modern Danish cord chairs are woven with the standard basket weave pattern or the traditional rushing pattern. Chair frames are designed to accept a specific style of weaving and are therefore not interchangeable. 

Some furniture designs weave the material through slots in the chair frame taking the material down in front of chair rails or the back slats. 

Main Contributors

Hans J. Wegner (1914-2007)

Danish furniture designer, Hans J. Wegner (1914-2007) often referred to as the master of the chair, Hans Wegner opened his own design studio in 1943 and created many chairs for Carl Hansen & Søn from 1949 until 1968.

Peter Hvidt (1916-1986) and Orla Mølgaard-Nielsen (1907-1993)

Peter Hvidt (1916-1986) and Orla Mølgaard-Nielsen (1907-1993) were pioneers of Danish mid-century design and the founders of Copenhagen-based firm Hvidt & Mølgaard.

Hans Olsen 1919–1992

Hans Olsen 1919–1992 -  rocking chair designed by Hans Olsen for Juul Kristensen in Denmark, circa 1960s

Niels O. Møller 1920-1982

Niels O. Møller 1920-1982 -founded  J.L.Mollers Mobelfabrik in Arhus, Denmark in 1944 and produced many iconic chairs woven in Danish paper cord. 


1951 Chair Model Number 71 and armchair Model Number 55 are designed

1954 Chair Model Number 75 and armchair Model Number 56 are designed

1959  Chair Model Number 77 and armchair Model Number 57 are designed

1959 Stool Model Number 80A is designed 

1962  Chair Model Number 78 and armchair Model Number 62 are designed

1963 Bench Model Number 63 and 63A are designed

1966  Chair Model Number 79 and armchair Model Number 64 are designed

1969 N.O. Moller's son Jorgen Henrik Moller completes his training

1970 Chair Model Number 82 is designed

1974  Chair Model Number 83 and armchair Model Number 66 are designed

1974 Jorgen Henrik Moller designs chair Model Number 401 and armchair Model Number 402

1976  Chair Model Number 84 and armchair Model Number 67 are designed

1981 Chair Model Number 85 and armchair Model Number 68 are designed

Cane, Rattan, Wicker 

Binding cane or rattan is used to weave Danish 

Mid-Century Modern furniture. 

Some examples 

Designed by Hans Wegner

JH505 Scandinavian Modern Cowhorn Chair, 1960s,

CC31 Side Chair, 1950s

W2 Chair 1950s

CH-27 Easy Chair 1950s

Rattan Cane JH-501 Armchair 1950s

AT-10 Coffee Table by Hans Wegner for Andreas Tuck, 1950s

Kofod Larsen Armchairs

Hans Olsen caned back rocking chairs.

Seagrass - Twisted Grass

Twisted seagrass is a twisted grass originating from Asia. 

Mid-century Modern examples of the material include

Mid-Century Model 316 Dining Chairs by Peter Hvidt & Orla Mølgaard
Borge Mogensen J39 Dining Chair and the   N°156 chair.

Paper Cord

Fibre rush is a very durable one ply, twisted paper made to resemble real twisted bull rushes. Paper fibre or "fiber reed" was introduced when China had an embargo on rattan reed exportation.
Cane webbing, pressed cane, pressed-in cane, machine cane, sheet cane, and spline cane.

Pre-woven sheet cane is set into a routed out groove on the top side of chair, held in place with a reed spline, no holes drilled in framework.

Pre-woven cane comes in many different patterns and gauges.  

Binding Cane 

Riempie chairs were used by the early 1820 South African settlers who were on the move and needed lightweight chairs that utilized the materials available and the technique of riempies (leather thongs) provided this style of chair.  

I don't do leather work however can offer to weave your Riempie chairs with binding cane.
Cotton Tape

Shaker tape is an excellent way to reuse broken wicker or reed chairs.
Rattan, wicker strand cane, lace caning, traditional caning, hole to hole caning and natural strand caning.

Holes are drilled through the chair frame for cane material to be woven through.

Canada Post

Chairs seats and backs can be sent by Canada Post for weaving and returned collect. Please contact me for details.

A Bit About Caning Canada Woven Furniture Repair

Laurie Blake

Caning Canada Seat Weaver

At Caning Canada - Seat Weaving While RVing, we have been providing quality seat weaving services, at a fair price, in a timely manner since 1986. 

My husband David and I have rented our house, allowing us to travel this beautiful country in our RV.  

We have just arrived in Cochrane, Alberta and will be offering our seat weaving services here likely until mid-July. We are currently booking early June so if you have a project don't delay. Send me a message with some photos of your project to receive an estimate and get on our booking list.  

We will winter in Langley, BC, from mid-October to mid-April every year. During the spring and summer, we will explore different regions of Canada, providing our woven furniture repair services along the way. 

Seat weaving while RVing is coming to a town near you.

We may make a stop in Saskatoon for a month and the Okanagan for four to six weeks prior to returning to Langley, BC in October 2021. 

We currently have weaving projects booked in Calgary, Vancouver, the Okanagan area, Saskatchewan, and Toronto.  

Please send a photo of your weaving project to showing the full piece, the top of the piece and the bottom so I can provide you with an estimate. 

I will gather your contact details and add them to our booking list, then contact you before we get to your beautiful part of our country. 

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