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Curved Back Hand Caned and Pegged Chair
Hand Cane Lounge Chair with Hanging Medallion
Danish Cord Woven Teak Chair
Fibre Rush Woven Chair
Black Shaker Tape Rocking Chair
Seagrass woven stool

Laurie Blake

Specialty Weaver, Caning Calgary

As a second generation specialty weaver I have been weaving chairs since 1986. My mother who was a rehabilitation teacher for the Canadian National Institute for the Blind (CNIB) used to hand cane chairs for vacation money. One day she asked for my help weaving a chair which as a teenager I happily did for a small fee. I really enjoyed weaving the chair and thought I could learn the craft and make a bit of spending money. Back in those days we didn't have websites, e-mail and the good old internet so I made up an informational flyer, photocopied it at the local library, put on a business suit and took the city transit to all the refinishing shops in Calgary, Alberta to introduce my weaving business Caning Calgary. Many of the refinishing shops in Calgary took me under their wings giving me a shot. 

As we didn't have digital cameras or the internet when a was asked to weave a style of chair I hadn't seen before I would take it apart backwards and make detailed notes so I could provide a quality finished piece. 

Quality workmanship, at a fair price, in a timely manner. That's what I do, with a skip in my step and a smile on my face.

My husband David and I are going to be living in our RV full time starting in November 2019. Once we hit the road we will be providing our specialty weaving services to clients local to the area we are exploring.  Our current plan is to spend November 2019 to April 2020 in the Vancouver area and May 2020 to October 2020 in the Victoria area. If you require our services in the province of Alberta or would need to ship chair seats and backs to us for repair please note you will need to do this leaving enough time for the weaving to be completed before we hit the road and become "The Blake's Caning Canada".

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What is Caning Calgary up to This Week?

I've been working on some pre-woven cane projects and have just received eight Hans Wegner Danish cord chairs. The CH23 style Danish chairs are truly a piece of art. Photos to follow shortly. 

What was Caning Calgary up to Last Week?

I have finished recaning the 1860's G.P. Walters & Co. Hand Caned rocking chair to donate to the silent auction to assist in sending Abby and Brady going to the olympics. There are still ticket available for this event so please check out the event page. There is a link below. 

Brady Leman & Abby Olympic Send Off Party

I think David and I found a lovely hand caned antique rocking chair to add to the donation items. We are going to go take a look at it this weekend. There are still some tickets left for this event so please come join us. Good food, great drink and awesome auction items to support Abby and Brady going to the olympics. 

Update - We were able to secure a little bit of Canadian history with an 1860's G.P. Walters & Co. hand caned rocking chair. G.P. Walter & Company manufactured chairs out of Bowmanville, Ontario from 1861 to 1867 dating this stamped chair to just over 150 years old. I will replace the hand cane seat and back prior to the auction. Photos to be uploaded shortly.

About the Event

As someone who embodies the spirit of the Abby Award, we're proud to be sponsoring an Olympic send-off party for Brady Leman!

Brady will be competing with Team Canada in the ski cross at the 2018 Winter Olympics in PyeongChang, and we'd like to send off Calgary's own Olympic hopeful in style!

Join us for an evening of fun with a silent auction (with prizes too good to miss) and eats provided by Roma Catering. Beer, wine and spirits will be available to purchase at the bar.

Last week seemed to be a hand caning week. I also rewoven a hand caned bar stool. 

What do People Have to Say About Caning Calgary 

Hi Laurie,
Just got your voicemail, that's awesome that you were able to get the
chair done! My brother will be driving out tomorrow from Calgary, and I was hoping
he could pick up the chair.
Thanks again, you've saved me! 

James borrowed his mother's chairs the weekend before Thanksgiving and someone went through one of them. James' mother was having all the family over for Thanksgiving weekend. No problem James; my pleasure we need to stay on our mom's good side.  

Just last night, Laurie, we were discussing a trip to /through Calgary.  We had some renovation work done last week and family visiting this week.  So, we’ll be planning something soon.  Certainly, we will let you know our plan as soon as we have an itinerary.  Thanks for the quick turn-around – and the reasonable price.


Hi Laurie:
My wife and I are really impressed, not only at the super caning repair on our antique rocking chair but also in regards to the speed at which you completed everything.
I promise to oil the wicker twice a year and probably at time-change intervals. Only problem is that, under those circumstances, it might outlast us in longevity, meaning less business for you, so will be certain to pass your name to our daughter for future uses thereof.
Once again, many thanx!

Hi Laurie,

Thanks again for the excellent repairs of my three chairs last  weekend. They look great and I will bring one more so four of them will match.

And I really appreciate your immediate repairs so I did not have to make another trip to Calgary to pick them up.

Hi Laurie – I stopped in at Davidson’s on Monday and the caning on the chairs is perfect!  Thanks for doing them for me. 

Hi Laurie,

I’ve been meaning to email you. Last week I unpacked and reinstalled the seats on all five chairs. They look and feel great. It is great to have our chairs back and like new again. Thank you for redoing the first chair – I think having the same size cane around the outside looks better.

I trust you received your payment from Canada Post in a timely manner.

All the best of the season!


Where do I Find Caning Calgary

5835 Silver Ridge Drive NW, Calgary Alberta, Canada

By Appointment


[email protected]


5835 Silver Ridge Drive NW Calgary